Monday, January 5, 2009

List Hit the Bricks

My best laid plans in my previous post were laid to rest by the GI bug that is circulating around my office and everyone I know outside of work!!

I did manage to accomplish one load of towels and one load of necessary clothing, and that was about it!

Last night I started to feel a little better, so I did organize my yarn. I needed to do that before moving on to anything else. And what I want to know is--Where did all of this come from? Surely, I didn't buy all of this yarn. Now, granted some of this I have had for years, but really!!

So, I filled the plastic bin that Andrew gave me for Christmas, I have two boxes (with lids) filled with yarn and then in addition a whole bag of baby yarn!!

WHAT?!? Well, I have thought about this, and I am officially on a yarn diet. No more yarn buying for me at the moment. I do have some arriving in the mail that I won, but that doesn't count.

What am I going to do with all this yarn?

I have committed myself to complete one project a month for someone else or myself (I own nothing that I have made except for one scarf). I have also committed myself to knitting one square a day for the Ghana Project. I have been neglecting this lately, and a lot of this yarn can be used for this project. If you have any extra yarn just lying around doing nothing, you might want to check out this endeavor. it is a worthwhile cause, and one square doesn't take too long to knit.

I did not finish Linda's Christmas present and I did not clean out my closet. Just not enough energy to do this. I really needed the time and rest to recuperate--just in time to go to work today!!

I did go over my lesson plan for tonight and review the DVD. So, I'm all set in that direction.

Lists, lists, lists--they are good things (at least for me). I'll just move what I didn't accomplish onto my next list.......and so on, and so on, and so on. Eventually, it will all get completed.

We're moving on to another week in our Weekly Memory Verse, so if you are participating in this or would like to participate, please stop by here to join in!!

Have a wonderful day, and I hope none of you are hit with bug!!



Knittin Kudzu said...

Beth, I do hope you are feeling much better now. It is ashame that a "bug" waylaid your plans. But, on the bright side, organizing your yarn is a very big deal. Now you know exactly what you have and you can commit to using! I can sympathize! I am on a yarn diet too! LOL!

Have a blessed day and feel great!


grey like snuffie said...

Hi Beth, I found you through Marsha's Musings. I saw knitting on your profile and clicked right away. I'll have to go check out the Ghana Project. I taught myself how to knit so I could make sweaters for the Guidepost Knit for Kids project. Hope the bug is gone soon and He revives your body with His strength.
Nice to meet you, pam

Chatty Kelly said...

Well, enjoy all your knitting with all this yarn! Aren't you glad you organized it?

"grammiepammie" said...

Just noticed you'd visited my blog and then came to read yours: THANK YOU! for your kind comments! I'm thrilled when people send squares for the ministries; just sent out 51 afghans for the Durban, S. Africa ministry (Key of Hope) and am now starting on the next 'batch' of afghans, which will divided between the two ministries.
Hope you get to feeling better very soon;
In Christ;

Jennifer said...

Beth...I do hope and pray you are 100% again very soon. I don't like those GI bugs...uck!

My mother loves to crochet and makes beautiful baby afghans for anyone who has a baby. My grandmother used to make big ones for all the kids' beds.

Labor of keep buying yard and doing what makes you happy...keep a few for yourself too.

Have a great week!


Edie said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. I used to knit a lot. I even had a very expensive knitting machine for a period of time. That was when I lived in California. There was a few Yarn Marts in my area and I loved that store. You could find all kinds of different yarns there, from acrylic to rayon to angora and everything in between. Needless to say I was well stocked in yarn. LOL.


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Aunt Kathy said...


MyJourneyBack said...

It's that time of year all kinds of bugs going around. I know what you mean about not feeling well. I worked in my sewing room too. As much as I wanted to sew I had to force myself to tidy up! We'l have to keep each other encouraged.
I will check out the weekly bible verse memory. That is what I wrote about today on my blog.
Many Blessings this week.

grey like snuffie said...

Hi Beth, I'm having trouble with my email; just wondering if this is the blog you want listed for the ABC's of the Word????

proudgrits11 said...

HI! Thanks for your comment and YES, please count me in for the weekly memory verse--I love that idea!! Besides memorizing scripture, it'll give me more verses to add to my card repertoire!!
How do I start participating?? :)
P.S. I have a baby boy due in May, feel free to knit him up something cute! heehee
Roots & Wings

Shanita Waters said...

Hi Sailor Cross! I found your blog through Spring's and just wanted to say hello. I like to meet new friends so I'll be back again soon. Feel free to stop by my place.