Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a Way To Start The Day

So, yes it is true!! An SUV traveling down the road crashed through the front of my house on Thursday morning!!

Honestly, it sounded like an explosion was going off....Andrew and I both woke up (of course, we did!!) and shouted, "What was that?"

Andrew, his bedroom being closer to the house, walked to the front of my house and shouted, "There is a car in the house!!"

I'm not saying that the car just 'hit' the house, the car was 'in' the house--through the front outside wall, through the front room, through a cinder block wall and into the bathroom....

There is a great deal of damage....even into the kitchen.....but, we both are safe.....and that is the most important thing. The driver of the vehicle is also uninjured, for which we are thankful.

Insurance adjusters have come and gone....will be coming again. Hopefully, next week clean up can begin...and then major restoration is needed to be done before we can live there again.

For now, we both have a place to, thankful for so many who have offered places to stay, help in whatever way they can.

I don't have any pictures because they are on my son's camera....but, if you're interested you can try looking on Channel 27--ABC. They were on the scene, interviewed my son.

The angels were watching over us that early morning. There are a lot of "what if's" running through my mind, and the ones I'm not thinking of, others are. I'm trying to clear my mind of all of these because the "what ifs" are not the reality of the situation.

Hope to be back soon--for now we both are safe and sound.



Tea Party Daily said...

Thank the Lord you & your son are okay, Beth! that's just amazing, and just confirms that we are immortal until the Lord calls us home. Will be praying that you have a speedy return to your lovely home.

godsown said...

Wow Beth! I thank God with you for His protection over you and your son

Will keep you in prayer that all will work out good!


hakucho said...

So happy everyone is ok, but so sorry for all the damage. Good luck with the cleanup and repairs.
A big {{Hug}}for you!!

pam said...

so thankful you are okay...peace to your spirit