Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I walked outside this morning with my first cup of coffee. It is dark, yet I can still see the creek below me. Part of the creek has frozen this year--it is still and unmoving--yet I know there is water moving underneath the ice. The portion of the creek that is not frozen is lazy--just barely meandering its way along.

I am still, too. God has placed this patience within me while I wait.....

What am I waiting on?

Why am I waiting?

I used to wonder how my mother and grandmother knew that something was going on in my life that I had not told them. Did they have some kind of special sense? Or was I acting in a certain way that let them know that all was not well?

I've never come across the answer to the questions as to how they knew.

But, they did....and as a mother I've often found myself in that same situation.

And here I am again. I know, feel in the very heart of my being that something is going on with one of my children, and this adult child does not tell me.

At first, I felt anxious about this--wondering, waiting for this child to tell me what is troubling her. Perhaps I could offer some comfort, some sage advice, help her to sort out her feelings.

As I watched the creek this morning, yesterday morning and Sunday morning, I was filled with a sense of peace about this anxiety and wondering and know I am to wait....wait until she is ready to tell me.

I wish I felt the freedom to just go and say to her, "What's going on?"....but, I am to wait....moving slowly along like the middle of the creek....or perhaps stand in stillness as the edges of the creek.

Frozen--waiting--still--and all will be well says the Lord.


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pam said...

Beautiful...I'm in awe of your restraint.