Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So Tired!!

Tuesday has arrived.....I am tired and feel like I could have slept a few more hours this morning....I know that tonight will be an "early to bed" night for me...earlier than usual.

I'm sitting here drinking my third cup of coffee, and I don't feel any different than when I first awoke....c'mon caffeine...kick in and jump start me!!

There is some frost on the grass this morning, and I have the feeling that spring is going to bypass us, and we'll just head right into summer. As I looked around outside at the work that needs done to get things into shape, I know that I'm not going to be able to do this alone with my elbow problem. I suppose I'll have to ask Andrew to help me.

Lydia (Cara is sooooo lucky) has slept through the night for two nights now in her crib--one night for 12 hours straight!! She is a happy baby, smiles easily, laughs outloud at our antics, and is in constant motion--moving her arms and legs around, kicking her feet. She can easily amuse herself just by watching her hands interact with one another, and she LOVES her toes!!

Cara loved her toes, too......I remember how she used to be able to take her foot and put her toes in her mouth and fall asleep that way.....Where did all those years go?

I'm working on a "forgiveness issue" that I thought was well behind me....but, it's not. I thought that I had TOTALLY forgiven, but the issue hit me in the head a few weeks ago. The feelings came back--not as intense as in the past--but they are still there.

So, back to work on this issue---not for the other person, but for freedom of all of this for myself. The only way I can do this is with God's help, and I know that He will be there for me--painful and difficult though it may be to revisit some of these places.

That's about it for this morning.....off to conquer a Tuesday at work--then home and possibly to sleep for the rest of the evening until tomorrow morning!!


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