Sunday, April 18, 2010

Okay, I Admit It!!

What am I admitting? The fact that I am over 50 years old!!

I finally broke down and joined the "50+ Ministry" at my church. I've been in denial and didn't want to join in. After all, by doing this, I'm saying that I'm of a "senior age"!!

Last night, this group had a "Dinner for Eight". I signed up, made an Asian salad and meandered over to the church around 6 p.m.

Guess what? I had a wonderful, fun time!! I met some people that I have seen in church but didn't know, had a fabulous meal and played some games!! I even won a white flox to put in my garden (as soon as it becomes and stays warm enough here to plant anything without worry of frost).

So, I'm over 50 by some 6 years, and I'm proud to say it!! Now, I'm ready to move on to those other senior discounts offered at some places!!

Today---off to church this morning. Ryan, Cara and Lydia are supposed to meet me there. After church, Lindsay and I are going to breakfast and then shopping for part of her birthday present (which was Friday).

I haven't been able to knit, crochet or even sew for at least the past two month due to an elbow problem. I'm truly missing this, and I wish I could spend the rest of the afternoon working on a sweater for Lydia. The pattern has been picked out, the yarn ordered and arrived....and here, I sit with it staring at me just waiting to be started.

But, no, I'd better listen and do what the doctor tells me or I'll be right back where I started.

Lydia is almost 5 months old now, and Cara still has her sleeping in her room with her in what we called a "portacrib". This is now a "Pack and Play", and really--she is too big for it!

So, I talked with her and told her to put Lydia in her crib during the day while she is awake so that she gets used to being there.

Seems like she is content there, don't you think?
Now, I just heard from Cara. Lydia was put to bed in the crib last night and slept the night through. It is now 8 a.m., and she is just starting to wake up!! Cara says that she is proud of both of them. I'm sure that Lydia actually got more sleep than Cara who was up and down checking on her through the night.
I remember those days--especially with Andrew, my oldest. It was difficult to put him in his own room. He seemed so far away.....even though he was just around the corner. But, actually, he slept better....and after a did I.
Well, I'm to get ready for church!! Have a wonderful day!!


Peggy said...

Blessings Beth!!! WOO HOO! 50 + discounts!

WOO HOO! Lydia sleeps in her own crib!

WOO HOO! Cara, Ryan & Lydia coming to church to meet you!

WOO HOO! Happy Birthday Lindsay!

WOO HOO! Andrew sleeps better and no longer needs a crib (lol)! Big boy...

WOO HOO...the church dinner was FUN and Beth won a what?

WOO HOO the new "Praise the Lord"

Praying your elbow is mending and you allowed our Lord Jesus to heal from the inside out!

That beautiful Lydia is so precious playing with her toesies in her beautiful butterfly crib!

EnJOY a warmer SUPER SUNDAY & day of rest! after all it's SON DAY!

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