Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just A Few....

Due to all the illnesses being passed around in my family, I did not complete nearly what I had intended to for CHRISTmas. I have all the materials needed, so I'll be working on these throughout the year, putting them away, and hopefully remembering where they are!!

Here's what I did manage to finish:

Lydia's Ladybug Mittens--
which she refuses to keep on her

These are Lindsay's slippers before felting.
I was wondering how they were ever going to
to a
size 6 or 7!!

But, shrink they did!!
And here are Lindsay's feet in her slippers with
Cara's in the middle (minus her feet--but they do fit!!)

So, there will be projects going on throughout the year--though I've decided to take a little break from presents for others and make a present for myself.

I have an afghan that I made for my mother in 1976. How do I know I made this in 1976? Because she wanted something in red, white and blue to mark the bicentennial of our country. I took this afghan home with me when she passed away and have used it to keep warm on cold nights ever since.

There is a big bag of yarn in my closet that is aching to be made into an afghan--so I'm going to make another one for myself. The red, white and blue afghan is getting a little worn in some places. After all, it is almost 35 years old......and I've decided that this afghan perhaps needs a little tender care and a rest. I'm not putting it away in a dark corner....just a rest in a quiet place.

And don't we all need a rest in a quiet place sometimes?



pam said...

Beth, those mittens are so cute. And isn't felting things FUN! I love the yarn you used. Well done. I haven't gotten brave enough to try slippers. I just ordered some fun yarn to make fingerless hand warmers. But my right arm needs a bit of a break after all my Christmas projects. I'm feeling the need for a rest in many ways...just for a bit. I always enjoyed the afghan's I made...especially during the winter. As they grew I let them fall over my cozy and warm as I worked. There has been so much sickness around here..hope God strengthens you all!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I love your knitting projects! Sweet little ladybugs! Sweet feet!
And an afghan on the way...sounds like a good start for the New Year because you are going to start earlier this Jan.

No more sickies... may God put a shield around you all and protect you from this onslaught of sicknesses. Be strong in the Lord and get your rest and vitamin Cs!
Counting on you being well.

Stay warm and well!

Peace and joy in a blessed New Year!

hakucho said...

Love those lady bug mittens! The slipper turned out great. I was just talking to my son...he was wondering when I was going to start his new slippers. He's worn out the first pair I made him. Got to get busy.... ;)