Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Book Review--Blind Hope

"Blind Hope--An Unwanted Dog and the Woman She Rescued" is a true story written by Kim Meeder and Laurie Sacher. This book is a quick read, and I finished this in one evening. I found it uplifting and encouraging. It also would be a good book for teenage girls who are in the "searching for myself" stage.

The location of the story is Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in central Oregon. This is an amazing program which rescues abused animals and pairs them with disadvantaged children--a place of healing, peace and a new life.

Laurie Sacher first came to this program seeking help and later became a staff member.
Laurie rescues an unwanted, abused dog--an Aussie named Mia. Her first impression of Mia is "She's a wretched creature, just like me."

As the story unfolds, we find that not only does Laurie rescue Mia, but Mia rescues Laurie. You see, Mia has many health problems due to her neglect, and she is blind. But, as Mia places her trust in Laurie, learns to follow her direction and instruction, and places her hopes in Laurie's care, Laurie is pointed to her Savior, Jesus Christ, in whom she then places her own hopes, trust and care.

There are many glimpses into the life that Laurie and Mia created together--each trusting the other--and as Mia's trust and hopes in Laurie increase, Laurie's hopes and trust in the Lord increase.

Laurie is taught that this little dog is a creature loved and created by God.....and so is she.
This was a very enlightening story, and I think parts of this could be used for a devotional. I found myself going back and reading over various pages--and thinking how this story related to my own life.

One problem--now I want to rescue a dog!!

I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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Anonymous said...

Blessings Beth and thanks for reviewing this book!

Now I want out and got me some rescue dogs...(lol) not really 6 are enough, 4 here and 6 at home plus one more there. I've rescued enough in my days!

But what I did do is go look at the publisher's and downloaded the chapter they make available so I can read it for myself. Since i love dogs and love ministry to children or people; this seems like the perfect fit for me to read. I also understand Oregon is beautiful! I have friends in Boise, Idaho who had a ranch and wanted to do this with their horses.

You have cats and a visiting dog...
no more animals for you!

Good review...looks real interesting! Mia means mine... I could use a book on how animals help bring healing!