Monday, April 13, 2009

What's Been Going On in Beth's World?

I've not been posting regularly--many, many things happening in the world of Beth!!

I just posted the Weekly Memory Verse on The Power of Your Love, and I realized that I have a situation right in my own home that I'm not listening to God's voice about--a situation that needs to be covered in prayer by many.

I wish I had pictures of some of these things, but I discovered yesterday that my batteries in my camera are exhausted and I have no new ones!

Oh, there are many things going on here--I planted some portulaca seeds in a planter on the window sill--Miles dug out all the dirt--no portulaca for me on the window sill!!

Scout has discovered the deck and escapes outside to lay in the sunshine every chance she gets. She loves it there, and so do I!!

There is a table and chairs outside on my deck now--again thanks to Josh! He purchased a new set for himself and just loaded up his set that he no longer needed, and I came home to a patio set on my deck! I can't wait to eat dinner outside by the creek.

But the biggest and most exciting news that definitely needs to be covered in prayer is this:


I was planning on keeping this news to myself until a few weeks down the road when I felt that things were going along smoothly. But, I realized this morning, that this is a situation that needs to be covered in prayer, and I am asking all of you to think of us and remember us in your prayers.

My daughter, Cara, is expecting her first little one towards the end of November. She is considered to be a high risk pregnancy due to the fact that she has asthma and is diabetic.

Add this to the fact that she lost her job, Ryan is working third shift as many hours as he possibly can, their apartment building was purchased by someone who is renovating the entire thing and they had to move with nowhere to go--well, the list could go on and on--and it does.

But, we are all excited at the prospect of a new little one in our lives!!

Wow!! God provided me with this home, and it is now packed to the max!! Cara and Ryan are now living here also until they can get back on their feet.

There are boxes everywhere (again!)!! Just when I thought I had everything organized, too!!

All I can say is that I can see God working in our lives, in Cara and Ryan's lives--His hand touching them in many new and different ways every day--drawing them closer to Him.

Cara is right where she needs to be for the moment. She is very hormonal--a little crying here and there for no reason, a little snappy for no reason--and we're all trying to be very understanding and supportive.

Here is my child--who was far from me for a time--and she is back in my life in a big way!! Here is my opportunity to shine Jesus' love for her so that she can see and feel His presence in her life.

So, please remember us in your prayer time.



Kay Martin said...

Dearest Beth,
Yoked to Him we can do more but it isn't easy but we can DO IT ALL BEAUTIFULLY.

Prayers, yes, prayers are rising up to Father God and He is noticing the beautiful fragrance of His love in our hearts for you and yours filling Heaven. A baby with mom with complications and out of work and our of a place to live. Yes, Jesus will come to you all....remember His earth birth.

We all pray for our adult children and never suspect God will invite us to sacrifice something dear to us in that prayer answer. YOu live in boxville again just when you had your home "your way."

All is well, and as I read I see God weaving in and out of your lift golden threads that shine more than you can even imagine.

Your love for God and your children is heart warming. Be blessed. Blogging has a place but it isn't first place. I don't get to read or write so often either.

When is this little baby due?

Beth in NC said...

Oh Beth, that is awesome news. Praise God for this little one. I pray he/she will be covered by the Hand of the Lord in the womb and that your daughter will have a peaceful, healthy pregnancy!

Chatty Kelly said...

God is the great provider, isn't he? To provide you this wonderful home, and now you have room for your daughter and your relationship with her can grow. YAY!

I hope all will be well.

grey like snuffie said...

WOO HOO on being a grandma! Praying as He leads for all of you...especially that God will make a way for Cara and Ryan...plant them where He desires.

Grammy said...

Congratulations! Being a grandma opens the door to peace in the family. The little one is such a blessing and helps every one mature to a new level.
It was hard for our first to be born and live with us for the first 5 years he was more like our kid. As I was trying to get his mom to be a mom but she let me be mom. It was not till they moved I could feel the joy of being a grandma. And it is a joy. My prayers are with you and your family. Id you all share lots of laughter and fun during this time it will be more joyful and may help her forget her loss of independence.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations, Beth! That is awesome news! Everything in God's timing...I love how He has brought her back into your life at a time when she needs her mom the most. Amazing! God is so good!

I think back a few months ago when you lived in the apartment...was it big enough for your daughter, son-in-law, your son and you to all live in? Maybe this was another reason God opened the door for you to get this house.

Love you, my sweet, sweet friend!

Sharon said...

Congratulations on being a grandma, I will pray for her that this pregnacy goes as planned by God's Word.
It is a blessing how God brought her back into your life and under your roof, amennnn! I think this is why God wanted you to have this house :)
I am sorry if I have missed your posts, I don't get on the puter at night or the weekends, those are the times I take a break and absorb his word, and praise, and sing worship to him.
Please know that I am praying for you and your family.
Glad you got your patio furniture :)
Have a beautiful and blessed day my friend :)

Aunt Kathy said...

Beth I can so see God working in this. Living there can only confirm the blessing God brings to your life. I am so happy for you and the miracles I see God providing for you everyday

proudgrits11 said...

What wonderful news!!! so exciting!! I'm going to send you a set of my pregnancy prayer cards--perfect for a new pregnancy! We had people praying before we even knew we were pregnant--early pregnancy is such a delicate time, all the prayers, the better!!
I got the hat today--hooray!! It is perfect and I love imagining him wearing it. Soon!!
I tried to make out your return address but just to be sure, could you e-mail it to me??
I'll get you a few goodies in the mail, and a thank-you, of course!!
Thanks sooooo much--and congrats again!!

Marsha said...

Well congratulations, Grandma! I will definitely be praying for this little one, mommy and daddy.

Have a blessed weekend.