Sunday, June 1, 2008

Awesome Sunday

Today is Sunday--my favorite day of the week. I was feeling better today than I have in quite a while. I was able to teach my preschool class (2 year olds) and then attend church service. I haven't been able to do this for 3 weeks now!!

Church was awesome--we had communion, and my entire small group was there serving the elements. I love to see us serving all together!! This is my spiritual family--the people who mean more to me than I could ever have imagined they would. But, they are there for me--loving me, caring for me, praying for me, encouraging me.

On another note, I have the dishcloths to be sent to Afghanistan all boxed up and ready to go. A friend from church donated 6 cloths and I was able to make 3, so we have 9 on the way for our soldiers to use as washcloths. Here's a picture of the ones that are being sent tomorrow:

Hopefully, I'll continue to feel good and be able to contribute more to this project.

As for feeling good, I go to the neurologist on Tuesday to discuss my test results. I'm not worried about this--whatever will be is what is meant to be, and with God's help, I'll deal with whatever this is.

Have a wonderful rest of the evening!!


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