Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Last Night

Last night my Small Group met to conclude the series we are doing--"God As He Longs For You To See Him". We had communion as a group, and this was an outstanding experience for me.

When I think about what God has done for me, how He has provided for me (even when I was far from Him), how He sent Jesus to us so that we may know Him, draw close to Him, I am just overwhelmed.

Particularly this time of year, close to Easter, my thoughts are of Jesus--how He suffered and sacrificed Himself for me--for all of us--so that we may have hope and everlasting joy--an eternal life with Him in Heaven--I stand amazed and in awe!

On the knitting homefront, I am finished with my latest dishcloth project and am now working on my traveling scarf which I hope to send out tomorrow. Onward and upward to my etsy storefront--I have made the decision that I am working on something every evening--regardless!! This is something that I long to do, have been contemplating for so long--it will soon become a reality!!

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