Sunday, March 20, 2011

Home Again.....

I am home again and everything is finally back in its proper place. Took quite a bit of time to clean everything....dust from sawing, sanding.

But everything is back in its proper place, and I can finally sit and relax for a day.

I'm joining Peggy for Super Sunday with a song I love--sung at a conference I recently went to. This song speaks volumes to me. My hope is that you will sit back, enjoy, soak in His presence and feel His love for you.

Remember to go to the bottom of the page and silence the playlist!!

Always seeking and finding more and more,



Anonymous said...

Well Beth... You have been on a journey and chosen a beautiful song once again to start off the day but I'm off to church. Missed you and thought... you'll see... your emails are off all blogs, I thought you dropped them or me...

Lord, I am thankful to see Beth since all her mail and comments were coming back to me... I thought she had journeyed on a different ship and did not want me along... and our ships had parted sailing... so thank You Lord that I can see her sail and sailorcross once more.
You know that we have spoken often about this Lord and once again the "whys" and the tears but today I'm thankful You have given her back her home. I prayed so much for her and her "home"! Watch over her and guard her. Protect her and her home and her family. You are our Beloved. She may not even know that
I am on a 40 day prayer journey with You, no blogs or comments just prayers... So today I seek You! I'm so glad to see Beth seeking You first also. I praise You that Your love is so great and unfailing! I give You praise and thanks for making this a Super Sunday seeing Beth once more. Your Presence is so sweet! I'm so glad that this song speaks to Beth... it has been at the Lighthouse since we began. I love the video Lord with such beauty and words of peace! I will be still and soak...soak in You, soak in all You are doing in and for Beth in Jesus Name...and yes, I will wait and I will continue to see You first...

Love, peace and JOY,
In Christ Jesus
(not signed in-Peggy)

pam said...

Rejoicing with you! Beautiful song!

From the Heart said...

Beth, this is my first time on your blog but so glad I came. The song for Super Sonday is beautiful and really gives me hope. Thanks for sharing.
From my Heart to yours, AliceE.

Peggy (mazmagi) said...

Hi Beth, It's me again about your email. I've had to take them off of everywhere (POYL and LOP) because I keep getting them sent back to me as "failed delivery" with comments, posts, my mail to you, etc. everything... so I have now removed you until you decide to let me know. I'd really like to know how to get in touch but I mostly wanted to let you know that. Add your email back in anytime at POYL and LOP.

I have a new header of the POYL. But can change it back if you don't like or want it.

I'm praying all of your house is back together again! I never found out about the interior things like your sweet new piano, if they were alright. I pray you are spiritually well, physically well and emotionally well. I thought when I had this wonderful surprise for Super SONday, I'd be seeing you! As long as you are seeking Him MORE and loving this song as I do... than I know He is answering my prayer to take care of you and yours! I'm so glad that at least on this date you were RESTing! I won't say I miss you again but I do and I love you bunches still... looks like you wanted a real break from me. God has not explained yet but I'm trusting and believing.

I hope your home is as good as new, that You really like it and it feels safe and like home once again. May God watch over you and your home...