Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I've been several weeks without a migraine--behaving myself and drinking my water.

Yesterday, I had no bottled water at work, and frankly, the water out of the tap tastes somewhat like chlorine. So, I drank a vitamin water (good for you, right?) that was a flavored orange.

Yikes!! A raging headache began about an hour after consuming 16 ounces of this!! I talked with my daughter who informed me that "flavored water is out! It has been proven that flavored water can cause migraines!!"

Well, I wish I had known this before I drank it....

On another front:

I have received approximately 100 squares as a donation for the blanket project for the homeless. Someone else is knitting furiously to fill a box to mail for this. And, I've been contacted by several others who want to help. So, this is underway....no sponsorship for fundraising this year...perhaps next year when there is more time to become organized. This year will be for meeting basic needs only.

CHRISTmas projects are coming along--I have three hotpad/dishcloth combinations finished for Cara and Lindsay (photos later--it's too dark right now to take a picture..

I have the materials for Lindsay's throw pillows for her bed and also a pair of pajama pants for her. Now...just the time needed to sew these together....along with the satin pillowcases (especially since I've had the material for these for two years!!)....

Went to Warm Hearts Cafe on Friday evening with a friend. This is a very cozy, small cafe with live music every Friday evening. Not too big a crowd, but the music was great!!

Well, the migraine has abated, so I suppose I'm off to get ready for another day at work....hmmm...I'd really rather be home working on these projects...but then, who would pay for this??



hakucho said...

Sorry about your migraine...I sympathize with you. I had a BAD week last week with a migraine that kept on coming back for 4 days. They are not fun!

That's great getting all those squares. I know the blankets will be greatly appreciated :)

happy knitting and I hope you stay headache free :)

Peggy said...


What no birthday post???

Still migraines??? Though this was a while back!!!

Good to read the progress of squares for blankets here though and also Christmas projects!!!

Glad to see that you went out to Warm Heart Cafe...sounds like a nice place to relax and unwind for the weekend. You certainly deserve it.

I hope that you saw the oodles of emails I sent on the HOMELESS blanket project and now for your birthday about the same amount!!!

I pray that the weather is wonderful and you are out and about enjoying a beautiful day and weekend for your special day! may God shine brightly on you and make you shine like a star or His perfect daughter in Jesus Christ!
That's all we're meant to be!!!

Love and peace,
lots of water...no stress just be blessed!!!