Monday, May 4, 2009

Miles, Miles?! Where Are You?

Most of you know my kitty Miles--the "he" that was actually a "she"?

Since we have moved, Miles and my other kitty, Scout, have discovered that they love lying outside on the deck, especially when it is sunny.

I, too, am enjoying the deck--taking my morning coffee outside with me and sitting there listening and watching the world wake up.

A few days ago, I went outside with my coffee to enjoy the start of my day. The two cats followed along. I thought nothing of this since it was getting to be their usual behavior.

Scout is a very large cat weighing about 20 pounds. Miles is rather small even though she is full grown.

I'm sitting there--drinking my coffee, listening to the birds. I look around, and Miles is gone!!

She had squeezed herself through the fence posts and into the woods!! It was still dark outside, and I came inside to get a flashlight. The trees are very thick now and there is a great deal of underbrush.

I could hear her walking around, rustling through the leaves. I started to follow the noise of her walking, calling her. The further I followed her, the further away she went from me.

So, I decided to come back up to the driveway and sit and wait. I sat on the step to the shed, calling her softly, "C'mere Miles! C'mon! You need to come back! You're going to get lost in there! You need to come home!"

I waited and waited, and I could hear her walking closer and closer to me. I continued to call her--urging her to come back--to come back home where she would be safe from the road--safe from being lost.

And suddenly, her head popped out between the fence posts, and I brought her back inside.

As I was sitting there calling her, it brought to my mind how patiently God waits for us--calling to us--"Come home where you'll be safe", "Come to Me where you will no longer be lost", "Come to Me, come to Me, come to Me."

Sometimes it takes some of us a little longer than others, so we must be patient and encouraging, just as I was with Miles. But, God is calling--


Needless to say, this kitty is NOT allowed on the deck without direct supervision--walking the straight and narrow, she is! Just as God is directing our lives, I'm directing Miles' life.

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grey like snuffie said...

I always say, "the end of the story is not yet seen"...especially for we moms watching our kids...takes LOTS of prayer sometimes. Glad Miles came back home.

Beth in NC said...

Awwww, what a naughty little kitty! And what a great comparison to us and our rebellion -- constantly being reminded by God, "Come to Me where you are safe."

Great post!

Jennifer said...

I was eagerly reading, heart pounding and so relieved that Miles came back. I was afraid she was still gone.

I love how you brought this back spiritually. Sometimes, it takes us getting a little lost to learn to remain close to our Father too.

Glad she is back where she needs to home with you and I am where I need to home with my Father.


HisPrincess said...

So glad you didn't lose her! As a fellow cat person I understand how devastating that would be!

Great analogy though.

HisFireFly said...

So happy to hear your little "girl" is safe! Maybe she found some yarn out there in the woods!